Based on a solid scientific approach, the Epionce product line is retailed through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and advanced skin care professionals interested in improving the overall health of the skin and quality of life of their patients.

Here are what others are saying:

“Epionce products are amazing! They really help to repair the barrier of the epidermis especially after resurfacing treatments. We have seen great results with them.”

— Terri A. Wojak, Esthetician, Educator

“After three years as my main in-office product line, I regularly see a level of patient satisfaction that rapidly spreads to friends and relatives. I am extremely pleased with the results that Epionce delivers. This is a top-shelf product line that is modestly priced, making it a good value for patients and physicians alike.”

— Steven A. Smith, MD

“Since my 30’s, I’ve struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation. While using the Melano Corrective System, I have seen major improvements with my skin. I have more self-confidence than ever before with my skin and how it looks. With my new found confidence, I’ve become more active outdoors without the worries of getting brown spots. Epionce MelanoLyte Tx and PRO have been the magic to bring back great looking skin.”

— Lisa, Idaho

“Dr. Thornfeldt’s reputation as a giant in our field and the solid clinical data behind the line was what initially interested me in Epionce. Once I added his product, I was very pleased by the high satisfaction and repurchase rates by my patients.
Additionally, the marketing behind the line is clever and ongoing, something that we rarely see in any line, let alone a highly effective line like Epionce. In my opinion, Epionce is the ideal product line for the clinician who is looking for results oriented skincare and cutting-edge technology.”

— Joel Schlessinger MD, FAAD, FAACS

“The Epionce Extreme Barrier Cream is incredible. I want to evangelize for you and the company. incredible stuff!”

— Leslie, Washington

“Epionce has revolutionised the treatment of skin in our clinic as an adjunct to other treatments and on its own. Patients see very quickly the benefits of using the skincare regime which is simple and straightforward as do the physicians. Hard science behind this efficiency makes for a very saleable commodity. For once a skincare that delivers results and proves that beauty is skin deep!”

— Dr. Hilary Allan, MBBS DCH MRCGP