Ageless Hands

8 February, 2019 | posted by Carly Poore

How to Care for the Skin on Your Hands

You know how important it is to take care of your face and neck daily, but have you thought about the effect of skin ageing on your hands? Read how to prevent visible signs of ageing with these tips.


The Cover Up

Your manicure could be having a negative impact on your skin. UV lamps necessary for setting gel nail polish can expose skin to ultraviolet light and lead to signs of ageing.


Chic fingerless UPF gloves protect the skin on the hands against UVA damage. Wear them at the manicurist, while driving your car or outdoors. Don’t forget Epionce sunscreen too!

Diminish Dark Spots

Unwanted dark spots can begin to show up on the hands in the early to mid-30s as the result of years of exposure to UV rays and lack of sunscreen use.


Apply Epionce MelanoLyte Pigment Perfection Serum at night to the top of your hands to help lighten the visible appearance dark spots.

Hydrate Dry Skin

Moisture in the skin declines with age, causing the skin to look crepey and dull.


Epionce Restorative Hand Cream is a concentrated moisturizing lotion to help soften dry hands and reverse the visible appearance of skin ageing and dryness on the hands.

Veins + Volume

As skin ages, it loses collagen and elastin, causing the skin to thin and lose volume, resulting in prominent veins and bones to become more noticeable.


In-clinic treatments can help improved the appearance of ageing skin, such as sclerotherapy, fillers and laser. Epionce Medical Barrier Cream helps the skin recover post-procedure.