Common Skin Care Misconceptions

21 February, 2018 | posted by Carly Poore

Information is abundant with regard to skin care practices you should or shouldn’t incorporate into your regimen. Because of the variety of opinions, misconceptions and myths can circulate and lead to confusion. Here is some clarity on a few common misconceptions:

I don’t need to apply sunscreen every day

Applying sunscreen under makeup or on its own is important year-round and key to an anti-ageing regimen. Ultraviolet rays are capable of penetrating through office windows or while driving and can lead to visible signs of ageing. To prevent damage to your skin, apply a sunscreen under makeup in the morning to allow product adhere to skin and provide best possible protection. Epionce Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 is quick absorbing and makes an ideal base for your foundation or alone for a subtle hint of coverage.


Manual exfoliation is the best way to get clean skin

Cleansing skin with manual exfoliators, like harsh scrubs or brushes, only irritate and damage the protective skin barrier. A quality cleanser should remove dirt, oil  and makeup without aggravating the skin. The full line of Epionce cleansers safely remove impurities without causing irritation. Using Lytics in your daily regimen helps to clarify pores and leave them squeaky clean.


I’m too oily for a moisturiser

When skin produces too much sebum (oil), it is usually overcompensating for an imbalance. Neglecting a moisturiser can actually make oily or problem skin worse, so the key is to provide the right amount of moisture. Epionce Renewal Lite Facial Lotion is the ideal level of emolliency to moisturise oily skin without clogging pores or feeling heavy.


Breakouts shouldn’t affect me if I’m in my 30s

Problem skin is more common for adult women than we are led to think, and can be the result of hormones, diet or other skin issues. A diet rich in nutrients and low in sugar can have positive results on skin’s appearance. Incorporating products to help control factors that lead to the visible appearance of problem skin can help reduce recurrence of breakouts. Try Lytic Gel Cleanser to clean skin of impurities, followed with a Lytic and a Renewal Facial product.