Five Common Epionce Questions

6 September, 2016 | posted by Carly Poore

Epionce is a unique skin care product line that was designed to be simple enough for daily use, but was created for medical professionals to help their patients. Here are five common questions and answers about getting started on the Epionce line.

If I want to start with only one Epionce product, what should it be?
With any Epionce regime, you should always plan to start with a Renewal Facial product for your skin type. This is the foundation of the Epionce line and is a multi-tasker when it comes to improving the visible appearance of your skin. Gentle botanical ingredients work to visibly improve radiance, clarity, texture and fine lines.

Why do I want to consult an Epionce skin care professional?
An Epionce skin care professional is trained specifically on how to recommend products from the Epionce line. Skin care professionals can provide you with a consultation to determine which Epionce products will work the best for your skin type, medical history and skin care goals. They are a great resource to help answer any follow up questions you may have after starting the line.

How do I know which products work for my skin?
Your Epionce skin care professional is key to help you choose a regime for your unique skin care needs. The product line also uses a dot system to help guide you to the right products for your skin type. In general, one dot indicates the product is for dry or sensitive, two dots for normal or combination and three dots for oily or problem skin. Products without a dot are usually suitable for all skin types.

Why does the product line have a higher cost?
The Epionce line is a physician-based skin care line. This means that products are formulated with breakthrough technology and high quality ingredients. Epionce results are supported by third party clinical studies performed using finished product, setting it apart from many other lines.

How soon can I expect results with Epionce?
After you’ve invested in a great product, you want to see results soon! Results can vary depending on a variety of factors. Some people see results within a few days. Generally speaking, after using products in the Epionce line for several weeks you will begin to notice an improvement in texture and overall appearance. Clinical studies showed over time an improvement in a variety of areas like radiance, clarity and fine lines.

For any additional questions, talk to your Epionce skin care expert.