Are You Applying Lytics the Right Way?

5 October, 2015 | posted by Carly Poore

A quick way to improve the appearance of your skin is to use a Lytic product! Lytics target a variety of concerns to help skin look and feel healthy. Follow these simple guidelines when using Lytic products to help diminish the visible appearance of redness, fine lines and dull skin texture.

Start slow.
If you’re new to using a Lytic product, it’s best to let your skin adjust for a couple of weeks. Key ingredients in Lytics help clear pores of impurities – a process your skin may not be used to. Try using your Lytic product only during your evening skin care routine for the first two weeks. Starting the third week, add to your morning regime.

If you experience blemishes, it’s important not to discontinue your Lytic during this time. Simply make modifications, like applying Lytic every other day or adding an Epionce cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Less is more.
A little goes a long way with Epionce. Squeeze 1-2 pearl size drops on your finger, focusing on areas with more redness or congestion like your nose, jaw line or forehead. Using more than the recommended amount does not produce better results, so conserve product to make it last longer.

Wait 5-7 minutes.
Lytics need time to help unclog pores of dirt, oil and makeup. Instead of harsh exfoliating beads that damage the skin barrier, Lytics use key ingredients that help gently dissolve dead skin cells and clear pores. Waiting five to seven minutes will also help prepare the skin for Renewal Facial products to work more effectively.

Always finish with a Renewal.
It’s important for healthier-looking skin to follow up your Lytic with a Renewal Facial product. Lytic and Renewal Facial products have been clinically proven to provide the same benefits as leading retinoids when used together. Lytics help reduce the visible appearance of redness and visibly smooth skin texture, then Renewal Facial products step in to help moisturise and soothe visible irritation. You won’t get the full benefit of each product by skipping either step.

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