Start Cleansing the Right Way Now!

26 June, 2015 | posted by Carly Poore

Washing your face may seem like a simple task, but it takes more than just lathering up with soap and water. Below are a few tips for how to get the best results.

1. Choose the right cleanser. Epionce cleansers are tailored for individual skin types. Our simple-to-use dot system, along with a consultation from your Epionce skin care professional, will help you find the right product for your skin.

  • Milky Lotion Cleanser is best for sensitive or dry skin types, plus can be used as a gentle makeup remover.
  • Try Gentle Foaming Cleanser for normal or combination skin, or as a simple cleanser for everyday use.
  • If oily or problem skin is your concern, Lytic Gel Cleanser refreshes and calms redness and blemishes without stripping skin of healthy oils.

2. Wash your hands. This may be obvious, but not always practiced. Before starting any cleansing regime, use soap and water to wash hands of impurities. This will ensure you don’t introduce impurities during your cleansing regime. Bonus: Lytic Gel Cleanser makes an excellent hand wash!

3. Avoid using washcloths. Yes, it goes against everything we have been taught about washing our face. However, washcloths can tear the skin and create more disruption and redness. Epionce cleansers are formulated with gentle surfactants to help break up oil and dirt. Botanicals like Willow Bark Extract and Menthol found in Lytic Gel Cleanser help clear pores of impurities, plus calm visible appearance of redness.

4. Double cleanse. As with all Epionce products, a little goes a long way so double cleansing will not deplete your product. One to two pumps per cleanse is all you need. Try the Milky Lotion Cleanser to gently remove makeup. Cleanse for the second time with your regular cleanser to really clear the skin of additional impurities, and to prepare for the remaining Epionce regime.

Talk to your Epionce skin expert to find the right cleanser for you!