Why Should I Use the NEW Essential Recovery Kit?

25 March, 2015 | posted by Carly Poore

If you plan to invest in a deeper resurfacing procedure like Co2 laser or Microneedling, you want your post-procedure skincare to enhance the outcome. The new Epionce Essential Recovery Kit was created to help alleviate discomfort and minimise downtime associated with more aggressive procedures –so you can see better results.

During a deeper resurfacing procedure, the outermost layers of the skin are removed – leaving the skin exposed to bacteria and susceptible to infection. Epionce products are designed to help repair the skin barrier, and protect against environmental assaults while skin heals. To achieve this, the Essential Recovery Kit contains the new Priming Oil, plus two proven Epionce products for post-procedure care— Enriched Firming Mask and Medical Barrier Cream.

Priming Oil is formulated with a simple blend of ingredients. Safflower oil was included for its anti-inflammatory benefits, coconut oil for its anti-microbial properties and meadowfoam oil to help firm and tighten skin for better results. The oil helps alleviate stinging and soothes skin when applied immediately after a procedure to very sensitive skin.

After applying the Priming Oil, the skin needs to remain hydrated to heal properly. The highly-emollient Enriched Firming Mask helps calm redness and heat in the skin after a deep resurfacing procedure. The Enriched Firming Mask is a gentle and effective addition to the at-home regime.

Medical Barrier Cream works quickly to optimise and restore the skin barrier, even for the most sensitive skin. In addition to the Enriched Firming Mask, Medical Barrier Cream also boosts hydration. Studies have shown Medical Barrier Cream to help repair skin faster than leading brands after a treatment.

If you are thinking of investing in a resurfacing procedure, talk to your Epionce skincare professional about the Essential Recovery Kit for your post-treatment skincare regimen.