Where’s the Science?

6 March, 2015 | posted by Carly Poore

When it comes to putting product on your skin, you want to know it is safe and will give you great results. There is a lot of information out there about science and skincare, much of which is not backed by scientifically valid clinical studies.

In order to know Epionce works, clinical studies have been conducted using Epionce compared with leading brands.Renewal Facial Cream, for example, was tested against the gold-standard prescription retinoid for anti-ageing. The results were superior without the irritation when using Epionce. In fact, each Epionce clinical study – all of which were conducted by third-party labs –consistently show the products to be better when studied against other brands, in a variety of categories. Side effects like irritation are not present, and Epionce doesn’t require a prescription or a period of cycling off.

Each study was conducted using finished Epionce product, so you can be confident that the same results can be achieved with your skin.

The bottom line is real results are important to Epionce users, and clinical studies support the product’s efficacy. Talk to your doctor or Epionce skin care professional about how Epionce can help you.