Applying Sunscreen Is Essential This Winter

28 January, 2015 | posted by Carly Poore

You may never think to apply sunscreen in the middle of winter, but winter application is just as significant to long-term skin health as it is in summer. In addition to protecting from damaging UV radiation from the sun, the benefits of applying it diligently include anti-ageing and preventing dark spots (hyperpigmentation).

Ultraviolet light is present even on cloudy days in the middle of January. Driving to work, sitting next to a window at the office or enjoying your favorite winter activity outdoors exposes skin to UVA and UVB rays. Over time, visible signs of ageing occur.

The easiest way to make it part of your daily regime is to apply sunscreen every morning under your makeup. Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50 provides broad-spectrum protection, goes on sheer and won’t leave oil or residue. The proper amount to apply for the face is half a teaspoon.

Epionce developed the first anti-inflammatory sunscreen to enhance benefits to skin beyond SPF alone. A botanical blend that includes meadowfoam, date and safflower oil reduces skin redness caused by inflammation. Antioxidants in Epionce Ultra Shield Lotions slows the damage that can lead to visible signs of ageing.

Struggling with dark spots? Maintaining your hyperpigmentation regime in winter will help you achieve better results all year. Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50 contains maximum UV-blocking action, goes on matte and feels elegant.

Simple changes can have important long-term benefits for skin health. Talk to your Epionce skin professional today.