Habits That Hinder Great Skin

4 December, 2014 | posted by Carly Poore

A few bad habits can sabotage a great Epionce skin care regime. If you find yourself in any of the categories below, consider making a few simple changes to experience your best skin.

  1. Makeup. Investing in skin care products like Epionce should be coupled with the right cosmetics. Non-comedogenic liquid or powder makeup compliment Epionce products best because they will not clog pores and create further irritation. To effectively remove makeup from face and eyes, start by cleansing with Milky Lotion Cleanser. Follow up with Gentle Foaming Cleanser or Lytic Gel Cleanser to clear additional dirt and oil from pores, while anti-inflammatory ingredients calm redness.
  2. Touching your face. Hands harbor bacteria and touching your face can spread microbes that can lead to acne breakouts. First, make it a point to break the habit of touching your face. Cleansing with Lytic Gel Cleanser washes the skin of microbes and bacteria on the surface of the skin. You can also wash your hands with Lytic Gel Cleanser! Epionce Keratolyic technology promotes clears the pores and promotes cell turnover. Apply a Lytic Tx product for your skin type to penetrate to the hair follicle and remove addition bacteria.
  3. Changing the pillowcase. Hair product, dead skin cells and makeup can build up on the linens we sleep on. Even after diligently finishing your Epionce regime, your face touches a pillow that could potentially be harboring microbes. Change your pillowcase at least weekly to reduce contact with bacteria.
  4. Moisturisers. We all run dangerously low on our Epionce Renewal from time to time and may be tempted to run to the nearest store for a quick fix. Epionce Renewals are powerful treatment moisturisers. Most moisturisers simply sit on the surface of the skin, while Epionce Renewal Facial products penetrate to repair the damaged barrier and fortify skin to protect against future assault. Renewals are non-comedogenic and paraben-free so they won’t irritate skin or cause inflammation.