It’s Never Too Early to Start Your Anti-Ageing Regime

27 November, 2014 | posted by Carly Poore

It is never too soon to incorporate anti-ageing products into your regime – even in your 20′s or 30′s. Making adjustments now to your skin care regime can help prevent visible signs of ageing and improve overall skin health. Epionce is a full line of products that, when applied today, can help you maintain healthy skin for years to come.

So where do you start? If there is one product to add to your regime immediately, it’s a Renewal Facial product! Most moisturisers can give you some hydration, but do not work to repair the skin barrier or prevent damaging inflammation. Using a product with active anti-inflammatory ingredients like Renewal Facial Lotion can help reduce breakouts and scarring caused by hormonal or adult acne in your 20′s. A powerful treatment moisturiser, Renewals go beyond moisturising to promote the natural healing process and increase elasticity. When skin is healthy, it looks beautiful.

Lytic product will benefit the skin now and in years to come. Your skin may still experience breakouts in your 20′s and 30′s, so help get them under control by adding a Lytic Tx for your skin type. Ingredients like salicylic acid promotes cell turnover and clear pores to reduce breakouts. The Lytic Tx formula has been shown in studies to also help to reduce signs of skin ageing.

If you’ve wondered about using a serum, the answer is yes! Intense Defense Serum is a complete multivitamin for the skin, and is easy to incorporate into your regime. A blend of botanical sources of Vitamins A, B, C, D and E to help the skin function at its prime.  Intense Defense Serum will benefit skin in your 20′s and 30′s by fortifying the barrier, reducing redness and protecting against external assaults.

It is vital to apply sunscreen every day. The best prevention against skin ageing – including fine lines, wrinkles and photo aged skin– is to apply a sunscreen under makeup.Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50 deflects and scatters harmful UV rays, which can speed up visible ageing. Epionce ingredients have the added benefit of anti-inflammatory properties to calm redness.

Talk to your Epionce skin professional today about the best regime for you and get a head start on healthy skin! Use the ‘Find a clinic’ button on the home page to find your nearest Epionce clinic.