Transition Your Skin into Fall

6 October, 2014 | posted by Carly Poore

As the seasons change, it’s also a good time to transition your beauty regime. Now is the time to focus on repairing the skin barrier and modifying your beauty routine to achieve the maximum results.

Change Up Your Renewal
The focus of the Epionce line is to stop the progress of chronic inflammation and repair the skin barrier. As temperatures drop the skin can lose moisture which results in damage to the barrier – and lead to visible signs of ageing. The colder fall months are a good season to increase to a more emollient Renewal product— like Renewal Facial Cream or Intensive Nourishing Cream. Renewals are formulated to deliver key ingredients that adjust lipid ratios and help the natural healing process occur, while maintaining skin hydration.

If you don’t already, add the Intense Defense Serum twice a day to boost the anti-ageing benefits you’ll start to see from Renewals. The multivitamin serum fortifies skin to stop destructive environmental assaults before they can do harm. This simple serum also works to rejuvenate skin, increase elasticity and help reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Switch Cleansers
If Lytic Gel Cleanser was your go-to for the summer, try switching to Gentle Foaming Cleanser as the weather starts to get cold. It’s also a great body wash to calm redness and soothe dry skin on the arms, shoulders, and back. The versatile product effectively removes impurities with a slightly gentler formula than Lytic Gel Cleanser. Key ingredients in Epionce cleansers encourage cell turnover without using harsh exfoliants that cause inflammation and leave skin feeling stripped and dry.

Make a Mask Part of Your Weekly Pampering

Add Enriched Firming Mask to your beauty regime once per week to give your skin the pick-me-up it needs this fall. The super-hydrating mask nourishes dry skin, evens out texture and anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce redness and blemishes. Barrier lipids in Enriched Firming Mask help strengthen the skin’s structure and increase elasticity. Skin will feel smooth and firm the next day.

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Barrier
Some of the most uncomfortable dry skin is on the arms, legs and body. A combination of cold weather and our tendency to take hot showers can dry out skin. For beautiful skin all over, apply Extreme Barrier Cream or Renewal Body Lotion – depending on your hydration needs. Epionce Renewals for body are more effective than drug store brands because they don’t just sit on top of the skin. They use patented Epionce technology to deliver ingredients to the barrier for maximum hydration. In addition to beautiful skin, essential oils in Extreme Barrier Cream have an anti-microbial effect to help fend off sickness as we head into cold and flu season.

If you haven’t tried these products, talk to your Epionce expert to determine the best products for your skin.