A Well-Rounded Philosophy On Psoriasis

22 August, 2014 | posted by Carly Poore

Healthy skin comes from a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle which is especially important for those who suffer with psoriasis. This chronic autoimmune disease is marked by itchy or burning red plaques on the arms, legs, hands, and elbows. Making healthy choices and using high-quality skin care products can help alleviate these uncomfortable symptoms, and achieve a better quality of life.

1. Healthy in, healthy out

Dr. Carl suggests an anti-inflammatory diet packed full of vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats to give the body nutrients and help boost the immune system. He also suggests talking to your dermatologist about oral supplements, like a daily multivitamin, and avoiding certain foods like chocolate, alcohol, and caffeine that can lead to psoriasis flares.

2. Protect Against Infection

Use Lytic Gel Cleanser twice per day to remove excess scaling, plus the anti-microbial formula may help to prevent infection. Lytic Tx applied to the affected area two to four times per day will help reduce inflammation, smooth skin texture and, like Lytic Gel Cleanser, help prevent infection.

3. Repair! Repair! Repair!

For soft skin and overall improvement of skin’s appearance, apply Extreme Barrier Cream two to eight times per day to reduce inflammation, soften skin where flares have occurred, and repair the disrupted barrier. Epionce is formulated to help optimize the skin’s natural repair system and function, and improve the health of the skin barrier.

4. Consult with your doctor

Talk to your dermatologist about your psoriasis care routine to determine what is right for you. Using Epionce together with products recommended by your physician will help address the causes of psoriasis from every angle.

Learn more about the suggested Epionce regime for this common skin issue, and find more information about the skin disease here.