Why use an Epionce Renewal product?

13 November, 2013 | posted by Carly Poore

The Epionce Renewal Facial products are the foundation of the Epionce product line. If you don’t use any other Epionce product, a Renewal should be your go-to! The Renewals embody the philosophy of Epionce by helping to repair a damaged skin barrier and to stop harmful inflammation in the skin. With this one-two punch, signs of ageing start to disappear – leaving your skin looking younger and rejuvenated. Plus, the Renewals are great for sensitive skin types.


We provide a basic guideline to follow, but you will want to consult with your skin care professional for their recommendation based on your unique skin’s history. A product with one dot on the package, such as the Renewal Facial Cream, is best for dry skin types. A product with two dots on the package, such as the Renewal Facial Lotion, is best for normal skin types. A product with three dots, such as the Renewal Lite Facial Lotion, is best for more oily skin types. Mature, photo-aged or very dry skin tends to do best with Intensive Nourishing Cream.

The Intense Defense Anti-Ageing + Repair Serum is the latest addition to the Renewal family of products. It is the most complete multivitamin for your skin on the market! Great for any skin type, the Intense Defense Serum is a perfect complement to any of the other Renewal facial products.


If you haven’t tried a Renewal Facial product, why not try one today? You won’t regret it!