Blushing Smiles – Steps to Achieving Healthy Lips

Let’s face it – we all want to simplify our beauty routine any way we can. Thanks to lip blushing, our morning just got easier! Lip blushing isn’t your normal permanent makeup treatment. Organic pigments are embedded into your lips using modern, digital tools for a natural look. The technique that is used consists of [...]

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Gender-Neutral Skincare

Everyone has unique skin. There are differences in skin tones and types, and as a result, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to skin care. But what about skin differences between men and women? How different are they and is Epionce for everyone? “There are differences in skin based on gender due to different ratios of [...]

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Let’s Break It Down – How Moisture Works in Our Skin

It’s easy to forget because we see ourselves in the mirror every day, but the skin is the largest organ of the body. Because it is our interface to the outside world, it is an incredibly dynamic complex organ. As the skin ages, multiple processes within the skin all start breaking down leading to the [...]

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Beauty Sleep. Tick-Tock, Beauty Clock

We are all familiar with the saying “get your beauty sleep,” but what does that actually entail? While it does relate to the quality of shut eye you get at night, everything you do throughout the day can affect your sleep – and your skin! Here is a guide for beautiful sleep. 1 pm – Drink [...]

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In the Treatment Room – Getting the Best Results for Dark Spots

The Epionce philosophy is simple: healthy skin is beautiful skin. To achieve healthy skin, you need a healthy barrier. This sets the foundation for successful in-clinic treatments – from laser resurfacing to chemical peels to dermaplaning. The bottom line is simple: best results come from hydration, healthy skin pre-treatment, and a skilled skin care pro. Damage from [...]

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Get the Right Regime: Skin Ageing

If crow’s feet and fine lines are starting to show, slow signs of skin ageing with a daily core Epionce regime. The combination of an Epionce Lytic and Renewal for you skin type is the foundation to healthy skin and clinically proven for anti-ageing results. Lytic Tx for Skin Type Keep pores clean and smooth [...]

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Get the Right Regime

As you age, your skin will produce less natural oil necessary for healthy skin. It may be more difficult to hold onto moisture from water or skin care products as well. Try adding products that supply the skin with the right amount of moisture to keep skin hydrated.   Milky Lotion Cleanser has a lotion consistency [...]

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To the Rescue

Don’t let body blemishes hold you back from a day at the beach or pool! Help achieve clear, smooth skin all over with these Epionce products. Prevent Stop acne breakouts before they form with a salicylic acid body cleanser. Our Pick: Purifying Wash Relieve Clear stubborn acne on the back or chest with a fast-acting [...]

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A Father’s Day Tribute

“My life as a practising clinical dermatologist and CEO of Episciences, Inc. means I stay very busy. As a father and grandfather, Father’s Day is a day I enjoy stepping away from work and being dedicated to time with my family. This Father’s Day, however, I am remembering my own father and his impact on my [...]

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Flawlessly Protected – Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50

On a summer day the last thing I want to do is cake on the makeup. Between the heat of the sun or the water washing away my makeup, I have thankfully found a better solution to achieve my summer glow. Applying a good sunscreen to my face each morning is a must before stepping outside, but [...]

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