Skin Care for the Final Days of Summer

Are the after-effects of summer showing up in your skin? Epionce products can help restore radiance and invigorate tired, dull skin caused by sun and warm temperatures. Try these tips to help your skin look and feel its best at the end of the season. Refresh: Spritz all over the body with a gentle toner [...]

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Your Five-Minute Morning Regimen

Your morning can be hectic, but fitting a skin care regimen in before leaving the house is simple.  Try the following routine to help you look your best in five minutes or less. Quick Cleanse There’s always time for a quick cleanse in the morning, to refresh your skin and help you feel more awake. [...]

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Let’s Clear Things Up: Why Use A Lytic Product

If you are unfamiliar with Epionce Lytic products, you may have wondered how it fits into your skin care routine. This is a product you might not know you need, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to live without!   Lytics are multitaskers that will enhance your skin in several ways. They are a [...]

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Epionce Sunburn Solution: Extreme Barrier Cream

It’s the height of summer, and sunburns can happen fast. If you’ve spent too much time outside and need relief from a sunburn, try an Epionce classic – Extreme Barrier Cream. One of Dr. Carl’s early inventions, Extreme Barrier Cream, was originally created specifically for dry skin on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. [...]

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Your Travel Bag Essentials

Summer is prime travel season. While away from home, don’t leave your skin care regimen behind! To help you pack for your next trip, we’ve included our Epionce travel essentials below.   Travel Essential #1: A cleanser for skin type Pack your favourite cleanser for your skin type to wash away dirt, oil and makeup [...]

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4 Reasons You Need To Invest In A Good Cleanser

Your cleanser plays a major role in helping you achieve the best visible results from your skin care regimen. Using a quality cleanser is important to seeing an improvement in your skin’s appearance. Below are some reasons you want to invest in your cleanser. It’s the first step in any regimen Cleansers are the first, [...]

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Expert Post-Treatment Tips and Tricks

When going in for a chemical peel or even a deep laser procedure like CO2 , there are varying challenges associated with downtime and post-procedure care. What you do after a treatment can affect the results you experience. Try these tips for faster and more effective post treatment results. Take care of yourself Depending on [...]

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Flower Power – Unique Ingredients In Epionce Products

The Epionce line of products contain blends of key botanical ingredients that help to reveal healthier-looking skin. These botanicals can help improve the visible effects of ageing for smoother, more radiant-looking skin, without using harsh or irritating ingredients. Below are some ways these restorative botanical ingredients help improve the overall visible appearance of the skin. [...]

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Mixing vs. Layering Products

Every day there seems to be a story on the next hottest, newest, best anti-ageing ingredient that will dramatically change and simplify your beauty routine. You think about it a bit and realise that none of your products have this ingredient. You wonder if simply adding one ingredient can make a difference. For skin care, [...]

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Why Use Intensive Nourishing Cream at Night

Intensive Nourishing Cream is an elegant but powerful anti-ageing product in the Epionce line to help you achieve the best results. Incorporating Intensive Nourishing Cream as your night cream will boost the outcome of your anti-ageing routine in the following ways to give you beautiful, youthful-looking skin. Work with sleep Sleep helps the whole body restore [...]

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